i heard porn and masturbation can cause you to have erectile dysfunction, what about low confidence/anxiety?

hi, i have been masturbating since the age of 15 and soon after looking at porn while doing it. i think i have erectile dysfunction, because whenever i have sex with a partner i can never stay hard or when we change positions i get soft almost immediately. i recently read on http://www.yourbrainonporn.com that porn and masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction, so i will stop doing both. but the problem is i feel like i’m not confident and have anxiety during sex because whenever i go soft during sex my ex girlfriends would get upset and cause an argument over it. in that case i’m scared to have sex. do you think that is another reason my erectile dysfunction is getting worse? or is it just the masturbation and porn?

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Yes it can cause ED, because thousands of guys have successfully recovered and regained erectile health.

The question is – did you perform the test suggested by YBOP?



Wondering if your problem is porn-related?

The only conclusive test is to go through an entire reboot and return your brain to normal responsiveness before you have sex. However, you can usually answer your question by comparing your responsiveness in these two situations:

1. On one occasion masturbate to your favorite porn (or simply remember what it was like).

2. On another masturbate with no porn/porn fantasy. Use only sensations, with the same speed and pressure you would use during intercourse.

How erect was your penis? How long did it take you to reach orgasm? What was your level of excitement? A healthy young man should have no trouble attaining a full erection and masturbating to orgasm without porn or fantasy.

If you have a strong erection on #1, but problems on #2, then you have porn-induced performance problems.

If #2 is strong and solid, but you have trouble with a real partner, then you have anxiety-induced problems. See a good counselor.

If you have problems during both 1 and 2, you may have progressive porn-induced problems, or an organic problem. See a good urologist to rule out the latter.
by: Gary
on: 27th October 12

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION AT 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

for the past few months i have had weak erections, i did kinda go thro a bad break up, i loved this girl with all my heart and i wanted to be with her forever, and i thort i was going to be, i couldnt imagine life without her, then she just left me, i was heartbroken, i hear this can cause erectile dysfunction however i am happy now and still get the same, i have never sex, this is just through masturbation, i think i was kinda an early starter for masturbation at about 11/12 and id do it every day till now ( and do it quite hard), may this have caused a problem. or is it simply that i am not longer tured on by porn and masturbation, i dont really feel turned on anymore, i use to be instantly hard by just thinking of the word porn, also i ejaculate very quicky, i could do it in under a minute if i tryed

i think it may be that i am not truned on by porn anymore but i dont know, would like advice, because the erections i get at the minute would be useless in sex and they look stupid and small, sometimes i do get rock hard then it just goes instantly

Chosen Answer:

Just relax! It is normal for every male to have good days and bad days when it comes to erections and sex. It’s normal. Especially if you aren’t emotionally in tip top shape.
Masturbating every day is normal and it will all come back to you but you might want to lay off the porn for a spell. Sometimes it is better to use your imagination.
Just relax.
by: Trevorz here
on: 28th October 10

I lose my erection during penetration ? HELP!!!?

I can get hard during four play and oral but I easily lose my erection once i start penetrating , the blood leaves my penis way too easily, i don’t even get those raging boners anymore, watching a nice porn movie or hot girl on tv and im only 18!!!

My friend said something about a venous leak or something like that and recommended trying viagra or cialis one time to try to regain my confidence.

Should I try it?

BTW I masturbate like 3+ times a day and haven’t had sex in almost a year just been wacking it everyday and now I’m starting to have sex again ..

Chosen Answer:

you have only one problem, I’m willing to bet…..you like whacking it better than you like partner sex. Common ailment in the US…and this is especially true if you have been using porn. The real thing is never as exciting as visuals with a good imagination. It’s called porn addiction, very common. Viagra or Cialis will probalby help, but will not help the root of the problem…suggest you stop the masturbating all together (on occasion, fine). And let’s face it, if you’re whacking it 3 times a day, no wonder you don’t have the drive to keep it up. Give yourself a break, face common sense and do what you want to do..I gave you the tools, it’s up to you do use them if you want. Good luck, GW
by: goldwing
on: 10th October 12

erectile dysfunction at 17 need advice?

im 17 and have been having erectile dysfunction problems and i dont know what to do its been having for a year and half with 6 different girls sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt ive been to the doctors and got my blood drawn and everything was fine and they said it was phsycological but the more it happens the more i will think about it and worry and it will happen but i cant not think about it because i think it will happen its really depressing me and i dont know what to do i know i just need to relax but i cant when i have it in the back of my mind that it might.

Chosen Answer:

It’s all in the head on your shoulders and you are causing the problem by worrying about it. When it comes to sex, it all begins OR ENDS with your thoughts. Forget about proving what a stud you are and let nature take its course. In other words, your thoughts are killing your erections.
by: Laredo
on: 11th September 11

erectile dysfunction type concern?

i recently got back from a urologist who diagnosed the cause of my erectile dysfunction. i am a 23 year old healthy male, and apparently what happened was the majority of the blood flow to my penis is coming from my stomach area, as opposed to through the veins in the pelvic region. he said this is actually relatively common and 40% of men are born with this. i never had a problem with erections until last year. he prescribed me cialis daily use for 6 months and said that it will actually CURE it. he said that it’s like re strengthening a muscle that wasn’t being used. i simply need to re route the indirected blood flow. he did a penile doppler ultrasound and showed me right on the screens image what he was talking about. has anyone else had this problem? and does it sound likely that if a top urologist said the cialis would cure it over time, that it should work?

He was very assuring that within a year period i would be able to quit taking the cialis and the blood flow would be corrected. he is a Dr. at the 4th best urological hospital in the united states and also a scientist.

Chosen Answer:

sounds like he knows what he is talking about…follow his advice
by: Nick Knows Best
on: 2nd September 09

What to ask a doctor to get ed medication?

Hi everybody.I was wondering what exactly to say to a doctor to get some viagra or cialis.I have been suffering from ed for about three years now and have always been ordering my stuff online,but i have heard too many horror stories about the ingredients.
Right now i am just afraid to say the wrong things to the doc and he will not prescribe me what i need.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Just describe your symptoms (I can’t get it up) and ask for Viagra or Cialis. He’ll probably give you it. This isn’t like a narcotic, which some doctors are cautious about prescribing.

If he is good, he will ask you about your symptoms and suggest other, non-drug solutions, screen you for impotence causing medical problems. (If he does this, it is a GOOD thing…and he probably won’t bother. It’s easier to give you the stuff than argue with you.)
by: MagnusMoss
on: 20th April 11

Is it ok to start using cialis or Viagra from 30s?

I am a 31 year old guy and I dont have very strong erections, well as long as I stimulate my penis, I have erection but if I dont, I usually lose erection, or in changing positions in sex, I lose erection, or its difficult to wear condoms cause again I will lose erection..

Is it ok to try a small dozage of Cialis or Viagra?
Will I lose my natural power of getting erection?
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Chosen Answer:

I think this is something you should talk to your doctor about, You really need to get the proper medical information on this.
by: carol m
on: 13th October 13

Do erectile dysfunction medications like Cialis and Viagra become less effective over time?

I am a 76 year old man who began using ED medication five years ago. The first one prescribed by my doctor was Viagra. Upon first taking it, it was remarkably effective. It soon became less and less effective, and my doctor switched me to Cialis. This was no better. At this time it is only slightly better than not taking it at all. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced a “fade” in the effectivenessof their ED medication. What, if anything, can be done about it? I am in excellent health. As yet, I have not discussed this with my doctor. The honest experiences of other users of ED medication would be appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

I am 67 and have found it to be true. I am presently using Caverject or Edex. They are both injection type devices that allow you to maintain a very hard erection for up to four hours. I know sticking a needle in your penis sounds very painful, but it is no worse then a shot in the arm; maybe less because the needle is very small. You could also try the vacumn pump which is another option for us older guys.
by: pqrama
on: 19th September 06

Could i buy Viagra or Cialis at a CVS Minute clinic?

Ive heard about this cvs minute clinic…go in, make an appointment, and you could get pills without a prescription as long as the doctors ok with it? something like that. Anyway, i was wondering if they would give a prescription or if they would give me Viagra pills or Cialis pills if i said i was suffering from erectile disfunction. Is that a possibility? Is there anything like the cvs minute clinic that would do so for me? orrrrr is there any way i could get a prescription for either of these pills without a doctor? PLEASE HELP!

Chosen Answer:

Not without a prescription – & you would need to be examined by a medical doctor to make sure you even need it.

Some people suffer side effects – such as heart attacks or a sudden drop in blood pressure.
You might miss out on all the fun – if you’re DEAD !!!
by: Barcode
on: 12th September 12

Erectile Dysfunction? Is Viagra or Cialis worth it?

So I’m a healthy, 22 year old, active male going for hook-ups, no relationships. I used to be able to hit up any girl and be able to do it no problem. Lately though I have not been able to get it up. I will be with the girl on the bed, both of us naked, and I will just be flaccid as a noodle. Even after licking/fingering her and praying to sweet baby jesus that my dick will get hard so I can plow, it stays limp. This has happened on about 5 different occasions with different, incredibly sexy females. Could this be erectile dysfunction? Should I look into viagra or cialis? and if so, which would you recommend?

Chosen Answer:

Sounds like your d*ck has gotten bored. Maybe you should find one girl you love, then sex wont be so meaningless and routine…What’s wrong with a relationship?
by: DarCougar
on: 14th March 12