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Erectile Dysfunction? Impotence???

This is a problem that I think I have… Help please:
I’m a 31 y/o male, 5’11, 150 lb, no medical problems, no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, don’t eat junk food, active.
I’ve been smoking cigarettes for 10 yrs… an average of 1 pack/day.

I’m sexually active… and I never thought I had ED… I haven’t gone to a Doctor… I get good erections but not as good as I wanted… I thought it could be a low sexual drive from stress, or lack of sleep ( I work overnight) UNTIL a took Viagra. I thought I didn’t need it… I just wanted to experiment with it (for fun), and I suddenly realized the difference. I thought I was a teenager again.

I did my research and now I know how harmful cigarette is for your arteries, and that it in fact it CAUSES erectile dysfunction… Now I’m going crazy because I do not want to be using no pills, and because I think I’m too young to be suffering from ED.

Question: I’m quitting smoking but CAN I REVERSE THE DAMAGE ALREADY DONE TO MY ARTERIES???

Chosen Answer:

You can, but you may also need to look at your diet (red meat can also be a culprit) and engage an exercise program
by: dukalink6000
on: 10th October 06

Im 24 years old and I have erectile dysfuntion, how do I know if im a candidate for viagra/cialis?

Im 24 years old. 6`5 205. Im not overweight. I have been having problems with erections for about 2 years now. I have a hard time achieving erections on my own and they are always quite weak. I have a hard time maintaining my erections as well. I have been on zoloft for 11 years since i was 13, but after a dramatic decrease in dose I am not having any improvement. I have never had problems getting erections before even being on the medication.

I can get aroused very arroused in my head, but i cannot get an erection.

what kind of test will the doctor perform?

Im not really able to have sex. recently I was just broken up with because of this problem, and I was hurt pretty bad.

after lowering my dose of zoloft i have noticed an increase in libido, but not erections.

if viagra or cialis is an option, will there be any long term consequences to taking the drug?
am I still able to get married? How would I explain to girlfriend that I take drugs to help me get it up?

Chosen Answer:

Hi Davis,

You must consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and find a solution.

The doctor will ask you questions about your erectile dysfunction so you will need to feel open and describe all your symptoms so he can have a better understanding.

They check your blood pressure and will most probably do blood work to verify the following conditions:

– Hormones: If you have too much or too little of certain hormones, this can cause erection problems;

- Sugar: If you have too much sugar in your blood, you may have a condition called diabetes. This can cause erection problems;

- Cholesterol: If you have too much cholesterol in your blood, your blood vessels can become blocked. This can cause erection problems.

Your doctor may say that you need to see a specialist. This is more likely to happen if you are young and have always had erection problems or if you have had an injury to your penis or pelvis. A specialist may do some other tests to see if there’s a problem with the blood flow into and out of your penis.

Some possible tests that they can do are :

Colour duplex Doppler ultrasound
This is the most common type of test used to see if you have a problem with the blood flow into and out of your penis.

The doctor injects medicine into your penis to widen the arteries, so blood can flow in. Then your doctor, or a technician, uses an ultrasound machine. This uses sound waves to make pictures of the inside of your body. It can show whether the blood is flowing freely through the arteries in your penis.

This is a very specialised test that is usually done only if your doctor thinks you might need an operation on the blood vessels going to your penis.

Cavernosometry tests if your veins are closing tightly enough to keep blood in your penis. You’ll have fluid injected into your penis at a steady rate. If your veins are working properly and not leaking, the fluid will keep your penis firm during the test.

Sorry for the long answer. I just thought that if I provide you with the most answers possible you won’t worry too much about the issue.

I know how hard it is when people leave you because of a health condition and it isn’t your fault. But I can reassure you that there are many people out there with the same problem you have and if a woman really loves you, she’d stick by your side and support you !

Doctor’s will find a solution, after tests are done, they will judge if you need supplements to help the issue. Until then, don’t worry and stay positive, they will help you!
by: Elle
on: 3rd August 12

How can I tell my boyfriend that I think he should try viagra/cialis in a way that doesn’t make him feel bad?

My boyfriend can not stay hard during sex. This problem has been going on since we started having sex 3 months ago. I am attractive so I know I’m not the problem. Today after sex I told him it hurts to have sex when he isn’t very hard, and he acknowledged that he has had a hard time maintaining an erection during intercourse. We discussed ways to fix this, and he said that he could go to the gym more, but we both know he gets plenty of exercise and that isn’t the problem.

I know he is very embarrassed about this problem, and I don’t want to make him feel worse, but I know I need to bring up the topic of trying out Viagra or Cialis. How can I bring it up in a way that is light-hearted or positive and that doesn’t make him feel like he isn’t good enough?

Chosen Answer:

This is like telling a women to lose weight. There is no easy way to do it so just spit it out if it means so much to you.
by: Micah M
on: 2nd May 11

erectile dysfunction and relationships ?

So about a year and a half ago my penis was injured in an accident. My penis does not really appear any different, but I now have severe erectile dysfunction, and I am only 19. I’ve really been struggling to cope with the reality of it for a while now and it has greatly affected my self-esteem.

So my main question is “how will women feel about this?” Im scared of dating because Im afraid that women will run for the hills once they find out. I have a healthy sex drive and want to be intimate with a woman, but this makes it difficult.

I’ve been to the urologist countless times. None of the oral medications worked, constriction ring didn’t work and urethral suppositories didn’t work either. The next thing to do are penile injections and if that does not work out, implants are the next route. “How would a woman feel about a man injecting himself to obtain an erection?”

All honest answers are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it.
I injured it during vigorous masturbation (basically just squeezed way to hard while fully erect). I really I had no idea you could damage your penis this way. Doctors still can find any damage to the arteries or scar tissue..so they are confused. however I know my problem is organic I read some other people have very similar injuries due to penis exercises.

Chosen Answer:

I think women will be turned off only if the relationship is based solely on sex. There is so much more to developing a healthy relationship than whether you can get it up or not. When you meet the right woman, that should be the last thing to matter to her. I mean, there are so many ways to meet her sexual needs. You do need to be open and honest about this with her. Probably not on the first date though. Best of luck to you.
by: ga_gator
on: 27th August 10

A deceased persons email addy being used to send mail to friends so they sell Cialis!?

Via Facebook I have received 2 emails thru people using the email addresses of 2 former lady friends who have passed away. One one day and the second the next day. These people were trying to sell Cialis. Can they be tracked and prosecuted? I am mad and after leaving these emails on my PC I finally destroyed them but have them in my backup–Clickfree. Alice Brown

Chosen Answer:

Unfortunately their addresses ended up on some spam list and the spammers are spoofing their address as the sender’s address. There’s nothing you can do to stop this
by: Kittysue
on: 13th September 10

Does my boyfriend have erectile dysfunction?

me and my boyfriend have been together for a couple month. in this time together, he seems to have trouble every time we have sex. he cant maintain an erection if it isnt stimulated for more than about 5 seconds. once he does get it up, about 90% of the time he tells me that the condom broke…and then that’s it, we’re done. i think he is embarrassed of the situation, which is why he tells me that the condom always breaks. does this sound like erectile dysfunction?

also, he is 28 and this has been going on since the beginning…maybe 3 months

Chosen Answer:

he has emotional stress and performance anxiety.
by: ScottAz
on: 15th November 11

Diabetic men and erectile dysfunction?

Just wondering, how common is it?

I heard that diabetic men are usually impotent. Is that for type 1 or type 2 diabetics…or just for older diabetics?

Thanks, I’m just curious.
I have a good friend who is 23 and a type 1 diabetic, and people were assuming he can’t get it up.

Chosen Answer:

I’m afraid I can’t offer you statistics on how common ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is, sir, but I can tell you that I’ve suffered with it since I was 27 years of age.

I’m type 1, but the same thing can happen to type 2 diabetics too.

The best thing your friend can do is to try to maintain as near ‘normal’ blood sugar (glucose) levels as he can … and not just every now and again, but all the time.
by: micksmixxx
on: 27th March 10

What’s a doctor supposed to do when someone calls about a four hour erection from Cialis?

Just saw a Cialis commercial saying that men should call their doctors if an erection lasts for over four hours.
‘ Wondering what a doctor is supposed to do about that over the phone?
I’ve been on call many a late night for cancer medicine,
but I don’t know what I would advise over the phone for a chronic penile erection.
Is there a medication to reverse the effects of drugs like Cialis?
Perhaps an alpha-adrenergic agonist.
I can’t imagine a surgical procedure to fix this problem.
Maybe Denisedds will see this – she knows some urology.
I could look up priapism, but I thought it would be fun to float this question on YA.

Chosen Answer:

I imagine that it isn’t fun. The problem is that blood gets stuck in the penis (priamrism) causing that long-term and very dangerous (even though possibly funny) condition.

The urologist will stick a needle into the side of the poor bastard’s penis, and then draws blood directly from the cavernosa (aspiration). The same needle is often used to inject a saline solution back into the guy’s penis (irrigation), which can help flush out the remaining blood. Aspiration and irrigation work around 25 percent to 30 percent of the time. Doctors can also inject drugs that constrict the arteries and cut off penile blood flow. These injections are given every few minutes for about an hour.

In rare cases, a really bad erection problem will resist both aspiration, irrigation and drug injections. So now the urologist performs a surgical shunt. This always sounds painful. The simplest type of shunt involves cutting a small hole in the head of the penis, then opening oval windows in the tips of the cavernosa. When the surface incision is closed, the blood trapped in the erectile tissue drains out through the unaffected penile veins. A more involved shunt procedure involves cutting a nearby but unrelated vein and attaching one end of it to the base of the penis.

So my recommendation, also considering that more than 38 men have completely and permanently lost their eyesight? Stay away form the ED treatments.
by: Earth Man
on: 11th January 10

Son is 19, works in porn, takes Cialis most times. Is it safe for young guys to take it?

I’m a 47 year old dad, and my 19 year old son has been working as a pornstar for over a year now (since he became 18). He does straight porn only, and he told me that he has sex with the girls on camera about once everyday.
He also told me that he takes Cialis on most days (but not everyday) whenever he shoots his scenes, because the directors at the porn studio recommend it, since it keeps him harder longer and he ejaculates his semen stronger with it.
I understand the demands of his job, but my son is only 19 and I know that Cialis and other types of those meds are for older guys with ED. Is it safe that he takes it on most days of the week (at his young age)?

Chosen Answer:

If old geezers with other medical problems like diabetes and heart disease that can cause ED can take it safely, healthy young men can too. Drugs for ED should never be taken with poppers/inhaled solvents. I’m assuming your son is generally in good health and does not take Rx drugs, at least nothing that would dilate his blood vessels like nitroglycerin. As with any user of these drugs, your son should seek medical assistance for erections lasting longer than 4 hours. I envy the rapport and openness you and your son have with each other.
by: Gord R
on: 17th June 12

Erectile Dysfunction?

Hi guys, i’m 16 years old and I think im suffering from erectile dysfunction. I think its due to my masturbation habit which I did once a day. But just a few days ago since its around the christmas time I dipped into the egg nog and got a little ” buzz.” I dont know if this is due to my masturbation or the alcohol. I have experienced this once before but then I just stopped masturbating for a few days and my erection came back. But im still worried. Please help!

Chosen Answer:

The alcohol in the eggnog is the problem! That is why you will hear that a guy who tries to out drink a girl just to have intercourse, may in fact not be able to “get it up” for the occasion do to his drinking too much.
on: 2nd January 12